The containers used in Kokonotuido, Garden paving stones, lights, umbrella stands, 

All of them are produced in our own ceramic art and glass workshop. 

Suenosato "Pottery Studio" 

Utsuwa, garden paving stones, lights, umbrella stands used in Kokonotuido are all produced in our own pottery studio "Suenosato". The studio produces custom-made items for gifts. The studio also holds a pottery class.

Suenosato "Glass Studio" 

Suenosato "Glass Studio" creates and sells unique glass works such as for interior, lighting, and objects, as well as the glassware used at each Kokonotuido store. We also hold "blowing glass experience" classes. 




A former merchants house from Kamakura has been relocated on the hillside to create a tasteful and calm gallery, where we introduce works such as paintings, sculptures and crafts.

Yamanoue Gallery

This is a styled gallery run in  an old-fashioned house from Kita-Kamakura on a hillside in Kosuzume-cho, Totsuka-ku. 

In front of the building is a field, and when you step inside, there is a forest in front of you. The monthly special exhibition introduces the original work of artists who are working with various materials, regardless of the genre, painting, sculpture, craft and so on. I am very happy if there is a wonderful encounter and discovery whereby the artist's commitment and the customer's sense are fused. The exhibition is constantly changing, so it will be different every time, no matter how many times you visit 




 Tea ceremony room "Uan"

There is a full-fledged tea room "Uan" with a large open view into a Japanese garden.

We host seasonal tea ceremonies and hold workshops too.